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Department of Surgical Oncology

Department of surgical oncology is well equipped with world-class Operation Suites, ICU and CSSD, capable of undertaking most complex and advanced surgeries.

Operation suites well equipped with

  • Laminar flow by Amensco
  • Automatic gas scavenging system by Precision UK
  • KLS Martin (Germany) OT lights E & V series.
  • Olympus (Japan) vessel sealing system.
  • High end anaesthesia workstation by Mindray
  • CSSD with fully automatic sterilizers washer dryer air and water jet guns by Amensco
  • High-tech patient monitors withIBP,EtCO2,CO etc by Comen
  • Hamilton ventilator C3 with Intellivent ASV.

Few of the Advanced, Skilled and Complex Cancer Surgical procedures done here are

  • Transthoracic three field oesophagectomy for cancer Oesophagus.
  • Breast conserving surgery / Oncoplastic Breast surgery for Breast cancers.
  • Live resections - Segmental / Hemi / Extended Hemihepatectomy for Liver cancer.
  • Radical Cholecystectomy, Hepatopancreaticoduodenectomy for Gall bladder Cancers.
  • Pancreatico - duodenectomy (Whipples) for Pancreatic Cancers, periampullary and biliary cancers Sphincter preserving rectal surgery for Retal Cancers.
  • Radical Cystoprostatectomy with Neobladder construction for Urinary Bladder Cancers.
  • Radical / Partial Nephrectomy / IVC Thrombectomy for Renal cancers.
  • Nerve preserving Radical Hysterectomy for Cervical (Uterine) Cancers.
  • Fertility preserving Cytoreductive surgery for Ovarian Cancer in young women.
  • Comprehensive Cytoreductive Surgery and HIPEC for peritoneal carcinomatosis of colonic,appendicular,pseudomyxoma peritonei, recurrent ovarian cancers
  • Cancer of the Head & Neck with preservation of Mandible, voice preserving surgeries for the Laryngeal Cancers ( voice box cancers), with reconstruction of tongue,mandible and cheek with Free Flaps providing excellent Cosmesis

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RadOn Oncology Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2012 to work towards providing quality and comprehensive cancer care to the society.

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