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Department of Preventive Oncology

Cancer has become the leading cause of death in India amongst the non communicable diseases. Few cancers can be prevented by vaccination and screening. Cancer is curable when detected in early stages .The department of Preventive Oncology works towards achieving this.
It emphasizes on the importance of prevention and early screening and detection through the various programmes.


  • Vaccination
    • HPV vaccination.
    • HBsAg vaccination
  • Public education through booklets ,talks and media events
  • Conduct screening camps for men and women
  • Counselling and genetic testing for hereditary cancers
  • Anti tobacco campaigns and deaddiction

Department of Nutritional Oncology

  • Food and/or nutrient delivery demon
  • Nutrition education and Counseling.
  • Co-ordination of Nutrition care by clinical Nutritionist.
  • Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation in Cancer
  • Nutritional status Within ERAS protocol.
  • Nutritional Counseling is a Combination of nutrition expertise and psychological skill delivered by trained nutrition counselor who understands how to work within the current medical settings.
Nutritional Counseling has moved from brief encounter as the patient leaves the hospital to an in depth discavery of coloring dietary change to individual situations and emotions

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RadOn Oncology Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2012 to work towards providing quality and comprehensive cancer care to the society.

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