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Department of Anesthesia and Critical care

The Department of Anaesthesia at Radon Cancer centre is well equipped with World class equipments to facilitate the Intraop and Postop Intensive care.

The well experienced and competent team of Intensivists and Anaesthetists at Radon cancer centre, skillfully manages highly complex onco surgeries.

The team has successfully managed the most advanced and complex procedures like HIPEC a form of hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy, performed for the first time only at Radon cancer centre Hubli.

Infrastructure and services in Anaesthesia

  • The Operation Theatres(Ots)
    Operation Theatres at Radon Cancer centre, comprises of anesthesia workstations with advanced technology ,an inhalational gas vaporizer, mechanical ventilators ,AGSS transfer (scavenging system) to scavenge toxic gases and to keep the theater pollution free. This helps in reducing the postoperative infection rates .It even has an auxiliary O2 supply flow meter and a breathing system with a gas leak compensation. There is an automatic compliance compensation and audible alarms system, making anesthesia administration safe and easy to the anesthetists. Facilities such as Hotline warmers(which provides warm intravenous fluids), -Forced air warmers with blankets , make the recovery phase of anesthesia safe and smooth.This helps in a speedy postoperative recovery and reduces postoperative hypothermia and related complications.
  • ICU critical care
    Pre-op care and critical care management of post op cases and terminally ill patients in advanced stage cancers are efficiently managed by the team in the 4 bedded ICU with mechanical ventilator facilities equipped with intelligent programmed modes .The monitoring is done by multipara monitors consisting of ECG/NIBP/IBP/ ETCO2 /SPO2 /Temperature monitorising etc ,which even has a recording of trend evaluation and an alarm crisis for critical events of relevant parameters .The ICU beds ensure a high grade patient comfort with bedside remote controls at foot end and at the patient endfor various postoperative positions. The high end quality beds help in preventing bedsores.

Day Care And Pain Clinic

Several day care procedures Central venous access , other relevant procedures performed on day to day basis for the patients admitted for chemotherapy along with vigilant monitoring. The drugs for chemotherapy are administered using TCI INFUSION PUMPS in the HDU/ICUS at a specific timed dosages. This ensures a controlled measured rates attaining a target blood concentration avoiding over infusion hazards and drug toxicity.

Pain management is also provided on OPD/Day care basis to the terminally ill /advanced stage cancers in the form of regional block and licensed opiods analgesia.

There is also palliative care being provided in the form of psychological counselling and placebo therapy to the patients in advanced stage cancers.

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RadOn Oncology Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2012 to work towards providing quality and comprehensive cancer care to the society.

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